IC Bona has developed a complete range of high quality UV-based finishes. In operation since the 1980’s, our treatment systems are designed to offer enhanced adherence to the wood and the highest levels of resistance to wear and scratches.

The product’s stability guarantees the best results during production and fulfills our ambition of “getting the best out of wooden flooring”.


Bona offers staining solutions with a new formula for applying modern and innovative colours to any type of wood. The stains are applied directly to the wood with a special roller immediately followed by a brush that works over the stained surface. Thanks to this system and its broad application window, it is easy to use and the result is a beautiful and uniform colour.


Bona has a broad range of water-based primers which offer excellent adhesion to the most common types of wood worked by professionals. Water-based primers can be stained with a broad range of colours.

We can also offer a full range of solid primers that give strong adhesion to the wood. However, the range of colours with which these solid primers can be stained is not an extensive as with water-based primers.


Our fillers cover wooden flooring panels, smooth over broken surfaces and fill holes and cracks. We offer products that are suitable for both light and heavy-duty filling machines.
Our broad range of fillers covers all types of materials for filling pores, knots and other imperfections. We can offer both clear and coloured products.
Furthermore, we can offer products that are applied directly to the wood and are adapted to the coating system to follow.


Our range of base coats not only fulfills but surpasses the requirements of the Scandinavian and American abrasion tests. Used in conjunction with the Bona primers, they achieve excellent adhesion in all the most common varieties of woods. 
Together with the filler, the base coat offers around 80-90% resistance to total wear, but this is not the only property obtained from the base coat; the flexibility, strength and coloration of the wood will also depend on the type of base coat used. 


Our finishes give wooden flooring the high quality final appearance sought by your customers. At the same time, they add properties such as resistance to scratches, wear and chemical substances.
They are normally applied in two coats to give the wood the desired final structure and appearance.
Nowadays, it is very common to have some kind of anti-scratch surface treatment. This will provide your product and the final customer with a long-lasting and beautiful floor.  It is easy to maintain and clean.